Saturday, June 23, 2007

Jay upgrade Bey to a nude beach

-10 Reasons why Busta Rhymes is depressed. [Street Census]

-Hurricane Ivan has a blog. [Hip-Hop Is Read]

-Video Interview: DJ Premier & Big Shug. [HHC]

-50 puts his weight up in Righteous Kill, a movie featuring Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. 50 is expected to play a drug dealer in the movie, even though he originally signed on to play a 5-0. [NY Daily News]

-Lil Kim grinds on Young Buck at a concert. [CL]

-Young Buck rails against Khaled for refusing to play his records. [HHC]

-"Dances from the Hood" debuts with Tweetie. [Prohiphop]

-Rapping about Physics is just as boring as it sounds. [GooTube]

-Huey: "Nelly can kiss my ass" [Def Sounds]

-Will someone please send me a Joost invite? I'll trade you a couple Huey CDs.

-Boo Boo only made $100 mill from Glaceau deal. Meanwhile, Riz still lives in a 2-bedroom apartment... [HHC]

-Speaking of which, Fif's baby mama wants her share of the deal. [Page Six]

-Video: Folks have been asking me about Ear Drum a lot lately. Kweli breaks it down with Pete Rosenberg of Hot 97. [GooTube]

-Soundblast: Lil Wayne - "Microphone Fiend" [Thug Online]

-It's that time of the year. Peep Oh Word's Mid-Year Report for some goodness. [Oh Word]

-Kobe still mad at the Lakers. [ESPN]

-Stop the rumors. Buck Marley didn't diss his boss. And Cassie's still a Bad Boy...ehh Girl. [Ballerstatus, Sandra Rose]

-Randy Exclusive on "Making the Band 4" [Writers Block]

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